Trauma X-ray - Axial skeleton
Tutorial introduction

Tutorial key points

  • Many injuries to the axial skeleton visible on X-ray have characteristic appearances according to the region injured and mechanism of injury
  • All images available should be viewed with reference to clinical findings

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This tutorial discusses the X-ray appearances of trauma to the axial skeleton. Examples of common injuries seen on X-ray are shown, with normal images for comparison.

Before starting this tutorial you should be aware of principles as discussed in the 'General Principles' and 'Introduction to Trauma X-ray' tutorials.

This tutorial is suitable for clinicians working in the emergency department setting who require a knowledge of trauma X-ray interpretation.

Course assessment

A certificated course completion assessment is available which is based on the material in this tutorial and the related sections.

All our online course completion certificates are CPD/CME accredited by the Royal College of Radiologists, London, UK.