Introduction to Trauma X-ray
Tutorial introduction

Tutorial key points

  • Use the correct anatomical terms for description of bone and joint injuries
  • X-rays are used to diagnose fractures - assesses fracture treatment - and to check for fracture complications
  • Be aware of the appearances of fracture mimics

Related tutorials

This tutorial introduces some key principles regarding the role of X-rays in the setting of trauma. The common terminology used for describing fractures is discussed.

Basic concepts are introduced regarding the use of X-rays in management of fractures and dislocations. X-ray appearances of fracture complications, and some common fracture mimics are also described.

Before starting you may find it helpful to read the short tutorial on Musculoskeletal X-ray - General principles.

Course assessment

A certificated course completion assessment is available which is based on the material in this tutorial and the related sections.

All our online course completion certificates are CPD/CME accredited by the Royal College of Radiologists, London, UK.