Abdominal X-ray - Abnormal soft tissues and bones

Tutorial key points

  • Bone and soft tissue disease are encountered incidentally on abdominal X-rays
  • Awareness of the abnormalities you may encounter helps avoid confusion
  • Ultrasound or dedicated X-rays are required for initial investigation of suspected abdominal soft tissues or bone disease

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The bones and soft tissues of the abdomen are primarily imaged by means other than the abdominal X-ray. Ultrasound is usually the initial investigation for suspected soft tissue abnormalities of the abdomen. Dedicated X-rays are usually required to investigate suspected bone and joint disease.

Occasionally you will come across an unexpected abnormality of bone or soft tissue on an abdominal X-ray. This tutorial briefly discusses a range of these abnormalities.

Before starting you may find it helpful to read the tutorial on Abdominal X-ray - System and anatomy.

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Last reviewed: March 2016