Chest X-ray - Scenario 3
Clinical information

Allow yourself ONE MINUTE to consider the following clinical information, then click the Next button to show the scenario image.

Clinical information

Mrs Jones is a 72 year old life long non-smoker.

She has recently been given a diagnosis of ovarian carcinoma which was discovered after a history of several months of vague abdominal symptoms. She has not yet received any active treatment.

Over the last few days she has become progressively weak and complains of shortness of breath and is now unable to lie flat or to walk upstairs.

On examination she has a tender and distended abdomen and reduced breath sounds on the right side of the chest. To confirm your clinical findings you have requested a chest X-ray which you will see on the next page.

The scenario will test your skills of chest X-ray interpretation. You will be expected to link the radiological findings to the clinical features, and to make suggestions regarding clinical management, including the request for other appropriate radiological tests.

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