Chest X-ray - Scenario 2
Scenario discussion

Scenario discussion

Poor candidate

  • Spends too long considering quality
  • Does not mention 'pleural effusion'
  • Attempts to assess heart size

Average candidate

  • Demonstrates systematic approach
  • Mentions rotation should be assessed prior to consideration of tracheal displacement
  • Mentions 'pleural effusion' and shift of trachea/mediastinum

Good candidate

  • Fluently describes radiological features and explains all physical signs and symptoms
  • Offers coherent differential and management plan

Descriptive terms

  • The term 'meniscus sign' is often used to describe the upper edge of a pleural effusion. Fluid does not form a true meniscus within the thorax, but fluid is displaced around the partially air-filled lung, giving the appearance of a meniscus.

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