Left upper lobe collapse

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Left upper lobe collapse

  • Trachea deviated to the left (arrow)
  • Right heart border not visible - indicating mediastinal shift to the left
  • Volume loss of the left hemithorax
  • 'Veil-like' opacification of the left hemithorax obscuring the left heart border - characteristic of left upper lobe collapse
  • Ovoid density at the left hilum - CT (next image) confirmed a large left hilar mass, which occluded the left upper lobe bronchus
  • Note the left hemidiaphragm is still visible - indicating sparing of the left lower lobe
  • The left lower lobe has increased in volume to compensate for the volume loss and can be seen wrapping round the medial side of the collapsed upper lobe (red line) - the 'Luftsichel' (air crescent) sign

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Last reviewed: October 2019