Acute CT Brain
Tutorial introduction

CT Brain Checklist

  • Check patient and image data
  • Check image quality
  • Scalp and skull bones
  • Brain volume
  • Ischaemic change - chronic and acute
  • Haemorrhage - intra and extra-axial
  • Masses
  • Mass effect

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This tutorial covers abnormalities seen on CT images of the brain in the context of acute head injury and common neurological disorders. The tutorial is presented in an order which can act as a framework for a systematic approach to CT brain interpretation - see checklist.

Before starting this tutorial please read the CT brain anatomy tutorial.

Course assessment

A certificated course completion assessment is available which is based on the material in this tutorial and the related sections.

All our online course completion certificates are CPD/CME accredited by the Royal College of Radiologists, London, UK.