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COVID-19 resources

  • During the pandemic, Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones - Director of Radiology Masterclass, has worked with multiple research groups to highlight the radiological aspects of COVID-19.
  • Here is a list of resources which focus on two main areas of interest. Firstly, the vascular nature of COVID-19. Secondly, the potential importance of oral health status and oral healthcare measures for those with COVID-19.
  • Resources are presented in date order. Most recent at the top.

On this page we list links relating to the COVID-19 research work of Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones, Director of Radiology Masterclass, highlighting the vascular nature of COVID-19 lung disease and the importance of oral healthcare for those with the disease.

COVID-19: The Salisbury Mouth Care Initiative

27th April 2022

Presentation at the national Infection Prevention and Control conference - Birmingham UK. Watch video

Salisbury Oro-Systemic Health Symposium

3rd March 2022

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains the radiology of COVID-19 lung disease and why oral health status could be paramount to our understanding of disease development and management. Watch Video

BBC World Service interview

13th January 2022

BBC World Service interview with Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones. Listen

Investigating the mouth-COVID-19 connection

27th October 2021

Nature Outloook report on the links between poor oral health and development of severe COVID-19. Read here

The COVID-19 pathway video animation

26th April 2021

Short animation explaining the proposed infection route of SARS-CoV-2 from the mouth to the lungs via the bloodstream. Watch video

COVID-19 Pathway: A proposed oral-vascular-pulmonary route of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the importance of oral healthcare measures

20th April 2021

Read here

COVID-19: The Oro-Vasculo-Pulmonary infection route

20th February 2021

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains the theory that SARS-CoV-2 could take the same infection route as seen in endocarditis - via the veins of the mouth, neck, and chest, directly to the pulmonary arteries. Read here

What can the radiology tell us about the vasculopathy of COVID-19 Lung Disease?

11th November 2020

Presentation to the national annual conference of the British Society for Haematology. Watch video

COVID-19 Lung Disease: A Pulmonary Vasculopathy

July 2020

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains why COVID-19 should not be considered a respiratory pneumonia and how it is unlike other viral infections of the lungs radiologically. Read here

COVID-19 Image Gallery

April 2020

See the typical medical imaging appearances of COVID-19 . Go to gallery

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