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COVID-19 resources

  • During the pandemic, Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones - Director of Radiology Masterclass - has worked with multiple research groups to highlight the radiological aspects of COVID-19.
  • Here is a list of resources which focus on two main areas of interest. Firstly, the vascular nature of COVID-19, especially the lung disease. Secondly, the potential importance of oral health status and oral healthcare measures for those with COVID-19.
  • Resources are presented in date order. Most recent at the top.

On this page we list links relating to the COVID-19 research work of Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones, Director of Radiology Masterclass, highlighting the vascular nature of COVID-19 lung disease and the importance of oral healthcare for those with the disease.

BBC World Service. The Evidence: Putting the mouth back in the body

18th November 2023

Claudia Hammond is joined by Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones and other experts to discuss the evidence for links between poor oral health and development or worsening of systemic diseases, including COVID-19. BBC World Service - The Evidence: Putting the mouth back in the body - Dr. Graham Lloyd-Jones Listen »

The Oral-Vascular-Pulmonary Infection Route: a Pathogenic Mechanism Linking Oral Health Status to Acute and Post-Acute COVID-19

3rd November 2023

A Springer Nature review of the oral-vascular-pulmonary route of SARS-CoV-2 infection with an update to include disease modelling for post-acute COVID-19 (Long COVID). oro-vascular-pulmnary-covid Read here »

Interview with Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones

3rd January 2023

Lindsay Dixon of Friendly Pharmacy 5 interviews Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones on COVID-19: The Lungs, Blood and Mouth Connection. Watch video »

Collaboration with the FDI World Dental Federation

30th November 2022

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones collaborates with FDI World Dental Federation expert Prof Iain Chapple to highlight the links between poor oral health and outcome in diseases of the body - including COVID-19. Watch video »

Independent SAGE discussion

28th October 2022

Discussion with Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones and others at the weekly Independent SAGE public meeting. Watch video »

COVID-19: The Salisbury Mouth Care Initiative

27th April 2022

Presentation at the national Infection Prevention and Control conference - Birmingham UK. Watch video »

Salisbury Oro-Systemic Health Symposium

3rd March 2022

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains the radiology of COVID-19 lung disease and why oral health status could be paramount to our understanding of disease development and management. Watch Video »

BBC World Service interview

13th January 2022

BBC World Service interview with Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones. Listen »

Salisbury Hospital COVID-19 Mouth Care Guidance

1st November 2021

Information sheet provided to patients at Salisbury Hospital, UK, relating to caring for the mouth when unwell with COVID-19. Read here »

Investigating the mouth-COVID-19 connection

27th October 2021

Nature Outloook report on the links between poor oral health and development of severe COVID-19. Read here »

The COVID-19 pathway video animation

26th April 2021

Short animation explaining the proposed infection route of SARS-CoV-2 from the mouth to the lungs via the bloodstream. Watch video »

COVID-19 Pathway: A proposed oral-vascular-pulmonary route of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the importance of oral healthcare measures

20th April 2021

Read here »

COVID-19: The Oro-Vasculo-Pulmonary infection route

20th February 2021

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains the theory that SARS-CoV-2 could take the same infection route as seen in endocarditis - via the veins of the mouth, neck, and chest, directly to the pulmonary arteries. Read here »

What can the radiology tell us about the vasculopathy of COVID-19 Lung Disease?

11th November 2020

Presentation to the national annual conference of the British Society for Haematology. Watch video »

COVID-19 Lung Disease: A Pulmonary Vasculopathy

July 2020

Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones explains why COVID-19 should not be considered a respiratory pneumonia and how it is unlike other viral infections of the lungs radiologically. Read here »

COVID-19 Image Gallery

April 2020

See the typical medical imaging appearances of COVID-19. Go to gallery »

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