Abdominal X-ray - Abnormal calcification
Ureteric calcification

Key points

  • If clinically suspected look very carefully for a ureteric stone

Other investigations

  • IVU or CT-KUB can be used to determine the position of a stone and the degree of obstruction
  • If these are contraindicated then ultrasound can be used to determine the presence of renal outflow tract obstruction

Ureteric stones (calculi) are often seen on an abdominal X-ray performed as a 'control' study for an IVU. This control image is known as a Kidneys-Ureters-Bladder image (KUB).

As with renal stones approximately 90% are visible.

Ureteric stones originate as renal stones. If a renal stone migrates into a ureter it may cause renal outflow tract obstruction, which manifests clinically with severe ipsilateral flank/loin/groin pain, usually with haematuria.

Ureteric stone/calculus

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Ureteric stone/calculus

  • Look carefully for ureteric stones which can be very subtle
  • Don't mistake a transverse process for a stone

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